Medical tourism. Basic information of the medical organization

Our Medical Center is the leading outpatient clinic of the Khabarovsk territory. The Center currently has 18 branches: therapeutic department, counseling department, ophthalmology department, surgical department, dental department, dermatological department, gynaecology department, medical check-up department, ultrasound diagnostic department, X-ray diagnostic department, functional diagnostics department, endoscopic department, clinical laboratory diagnostical department, screening center, day hospital, ambulatory surgery center, international medical coordination center, pharmacy.

The institution is a successfully functionated, stable, multidisciplinary medical center. There are 1600 patients visits per day, 350 000 patients visits annual, 287 types of instrumental diagnostic, 408 types of laboratory diagnostic. The Centre has 133 doctors on 44 specialties, including 15 candidates of science and 1 Honored doctor.

The Center’s main activity is providing expert level of diagnosis and treatment. Annual there are 342 000 consultations of specialists, 1011 laboratory diagnostic tests, 30 000 medical manipulation, 2 800 patients are treated in day hospital and ambulatory surgery center.

The Center has 695 types of diagnostic, including CAT scan (128 slices), virtual endoscopy, bolus amplification CT, liquid-based cytology, assessment of genetic risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, sport genetic tests, pathological morphology of skin, video endoscopy, etc.

Our mission is providing high medical service to the patients by the doctors competence, advanced diagnostic methods and trust in doctor-patient relationship.

The history of the Centre began in 1932, and a complete renovation was carried out in 2008.